National Associations of Sports Medicine (NASMs)

The Council of Delegates shall admit to membership the National Association (not more than one from each country), which is recognized as representing the interests of Sports Medicine in each country.

Where two or more organizations in any country claim recognition as the National Associations of that country, it shall be in the absolute discretion of the Council of Delegates to determine, after due consideration, which, if any, shall be recognized.

Applicant National Associations must submit the following documents for consideration by the FIMS Executive Committee before the petition can be presented to the FIMS Council of Delegates:

  1. Application in writing signed by the President and the Secretary General of the National Association.
  2. Copy of the Statutes of the Association.
  3. List of Officers of the Associations with their titles.
  4. Total number of members in each category of membership.
  5. Letter of recommendation attesting the fact that the applicant Association is the representative Sports Medicine organization in that country from one of the following bodies: National Medical Association, National Olympic Committee or National Ministry of Health.
  6. Letter of recommendation from the respective FIMS Continental Association of Sports Medicine.

In the event of changes, the National Association shall forward to the Secretariat of FIMS a revised copy of their constitutional documents, a current list of their officers and the total numbers of their members in each category of membership.

National Associations shall forfeit their status as a member of FIMS:

  1. As a result of a formal resignation in writing by the Association being duly received by the FIMS Executive Committee.
  2. As a result of non-payment of dues for four consecutive years. An application for reinstatement will be entertained by the FIMS Council of Delegates only once the arrears are paid.
  3. As a result of revocation of membership upon recommendation of the Executive Committee.



The FIMS President, Prof. Fabio Pigozzi together with the Chairman of the Scientific Commission, Prof. Yannis Pitsiladis, the Secretary General Prof. Norbert Bachl and the 1st Vice-President Dr. André Debruyne took part to the Wearable Technologies Conference 2019 EUROPE held in Munich on 5th and 6th February 2019. An ad hoc meeting has been organized together with the representatives of Wearable Technologies and other relevant stakeholders in order to discuss further cooperation on this important area in the field of Sports Medicine and the protection of the health of the athletes.

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