Collaborating Centres of Sports Medicine


The FIMS Collaborating Centres of Sports Medicine (FIMS-CCSM) will facilitate regional and national educational, developmental and research networks to promote best practice sport medicine principles for athlete care and active living on an international basis.


  1. To promote an international FIMS standard of Sports Medicine in clinical care and research through knowledge transfer and exchange.
  2. To develop and deliver accessible FIMS educational courses (Team Physician Course, Advanced Team Physician Course, Instructor Course, Rehabilitation, Emergency Courses and others) on a regular basis to sport medicine professionals.
  3. To promote a model that supports developing countries and early career professionals for advancement of sport medicine best practices through peer coaching of team physicians.
  4. To engage an international network of FIMS members in collaborative research efforts that promote evidence-based sport medicine.
  5. To promote the membership and active participation in the FIMS.


Saying "Yes" to Diversity in Sport – FIMS "Preparing for extreme conditions" Symposium at ICSEMIS 2016

The athletes at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio will be travelling from all over the world to Rio, coming from different climates, spending many hours on the road, plane and in airports on transit. The will arrive to the metropolis of Rio, having to adapt to the local environment, the air quality, the water and the food at the Olympic Village.

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