Collaborating Centres of Sports Medicine


The FIMS Collaborating Centres of Sports Medicine (FIMS-CCSM) will facilitate regional and national educational, developmental and research networks to promote best practice sport medicine principles for athlete care and active living on an international basis.


  1. To promote an international FIMS standard of Sports Medicine in clinical care and research through knowledge transfer and exchange.
  2. To develop and deliver accessible FIMS educational courses (Team Physician Course, Advanced Team Physician Course, Instructor Course, Rehabilitation, Emergency Courses and others) on a regular basis to sport medicine professionals.
  3. To promote a model that supports developing countries and early career professionals for advancement of sport medicine best practices through peer coaching of team physicians.
  4. To engage an international network of FIMS members in collaborative research efforts that promote evidence-based sport medicine.
  5. To promote the membership and active participation in the FIMS.

Who may apply?

Applications are invited from institutions / organizations with demonstrated leadership in sport medicine locally, regionally, nationally and internationally and active collaborations in clinical work, education and research with a stress on developing.

The applicant key contact must currently be a FIMS member in good standing and supported by their FIMS member organization (National Sports Medicine Organization).

A FIMS member organization can support more than one application at a time and/or a shared application of different centres. All centres must be supported by only the National FIMS member organization. A country may have more than one FIMS-CCSM.

How to apply?

FIMS invites applications to become a FIMS-CCSM at any time. The following review and decision deadlines apply:

  1. Evaluation of submitted applications by Review Committee July-August
  2. Recommendation to FIMS Executive Committee first week of September
  3. Decision by FIMS Executive Committee at autumn meeting
  4. Information of applicants November
  5. Announcement on FIMS website December
  6. Designation is awarded for four years after which a reapplication may be submitted.

Download here

Download: Application Form

Download: Application Checklist

Fill it out and send it back to

Intent of Agreement - Benefits to and Responsibilities of FIMS Collaborating Centres of Sports Medicine:

Through the process of application, and if successful in being awarded a designated Collaborating Centre status, your centre will consent to the following:

  1. Designation as a FIMS-CCSM including posting of approved FIMS signage, use of approved FIMS logo and compliance with FIMS contract for collaborating centres. The designation will be for a term of 4 years with a possibility for reapplication thereafter.
  2. Partner or lead in the delivery of FIMS Educational Courses to your national, regional, continental and / or international FIMS members with the organizational support of the FIMS Education Committee. These courses include the Team Physician Course, Advanced Team Physician Course, Emergency Medicine Course, Rehabilitation Course or others.
  3. Network development with all FIMS-CCSM through communications, meetings, timely responses to discussions and surveys and posting of your centres key activities on the FIMS website. There will be a bi-annual FIMS CCSM meeting held in conjunction with FIMS World congresses where each Centre will have a mandatory attendance requirement. Funding of travel- and accomodation expenses for the meeting lies within the responsibility of the designated FIMS-CCSM.
    In addition, it is highly recommended that all designated Centres support the attendance of five delegates at the World FIMS Congresses which are held every two years.
  4. Opportunity for involvement in FIMS Projects may be requested, sponsored, facilitated and supported by the global efforts of FIMS. It is a major task of the FIMS-CCSM to take a leadership role in mentoring less developed FIMS country members through support of Travelling Fellowships and Visiting Scholarships.
  5. Support of the national Sports Medicine Organisation to increase the numbers in the FIMS-block-membership.
  6. It is understood that FIMS-CCSM will promote members to be actively contributing to FIMS educational activities through attainment of FIMS Fellowship and FIMS Instructor Status
  7. Support to develop and implement a peer coaching model applicable to developing countries and early career professionals for advancement of sport medicine best practices
  8. Maintain the FIMS-CCSM standards as a leader in sport medicine and a member of FIMS.
  9. Promotion and support of FIMS projects, positions papers, congresses and educational courses and products.
  10. Contribute to the ongoing development of the FIMS-CCSM system through relationship building in knowledge transfer and exchange in mentoring and peer opportunities.
  11. The right and the opportunity (in cooperation with two other FIMS CCSM) to submit a proposal for a special symposium to be included in the programme of the biannual FIMS World Congress.
  12. Payment of a FIMS licensing fee of 1000 CHF per year.

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