Collaborating Centres of Sports Medicine


The FIMS Collaborating Centres of Sports Medicine (FIMS-CCSM) will facilitate national and international educational, developmental and research networks to promote innovative scientific projects, best practice sports medicine principles for athlete care and for active living over the lifespan on an interdisciplinary and collaborating basis.


  1. To promote an international FIMS standard of Sports Medicine in clinical care and research through knowledge transfer and exchange.
  2. To develop and deliver accessible FIMS educational courses (Team Physician Course, Advanced Team Physician Course, Instructor Course, Rehabilitaion, Emergency courses and others) on a regular basis to sports medicine professionals.
  3. To promote a model that supports developing countries and early career professionals for advancement of sports medicine best practices through peer mentoring of team physicians.
  4. To engage an international network of FIMS members in collaborative research efforts that promote evidence-based sports medicine.
  5. To promote the membership and active participation in the FIMS.


  • Becoming a FIMS-CCSM means, to have an international acknowledgement in the „World of Sports Medicine", as FIMS is networking with IOC, WADA, IPC, ASOIF, AWOIF, Sport Accord, GAIFS and others
  • Participation in FIMS-Research Projects depending on special expertise from different CCSMs
  • Loading CCSM events on the FIMS webpage – increasing the international visibility of the CCSM´s.
  • Communication of the continental FIMS-Vice-Presidents for special questions and requests and national and international Sports Medicine Policy.
  • Become an active partner for the CCSM Newsletter to be published every two months under the supervision oft he Head of the Education Commission.
  • Be an active partner in FIMS mission and goals in the CCSM's region


FIMS expects an active participation of the CCSM´s , supplying FIMS with new ideas, innovative projects, also vision concerning „burning problems" in lifestyle changes, prehabilitation, sustainable promotion of physical activities/training/sports for different populations independant of age, sex and disability in different settings, athlete´s health and the fight against doping.


To apply to be a FIMS Collaboreating Centre of Sports Medicine click here



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