Honorary Membership

The Honorary President is elected among individuals who have served as FIMS President, exceptionally contributing to the development of Sports Medicine worldwide.

When the position is vacant, nomination may be made by a FIMS Continental Association to the Council of Delegates for election at the next regular meeting.

The Honorary President will have, for life or until personal inability or resignation, the right:

  1. to participate in the FIMS Executive Committee, Council of Delegates, World Congress of Sports Medicine without the right to vote
  2. to pay no dues to FIMS.
  3. to receive without additional fee all electronic publications from FIMS, and receive FIMS member discounts on Congresses, courses and books.

Individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the development of Sports Medicine may be elected to Honorary Membership. Nomination shall be made by the Member National Associations or other interested bodies to the Executive Committee who may then recommend the nominees to the Council of Delegates for election at the next regular meeting. A nomination that is not recommended by the Executive Committee or, having been recommended to the Council of Delegates fails election, may be made again after an interval of four years from the time that the original nomination was received.

The title will enable them to:

  1. receive a diploma indicating honorary status.
  2. participate in the FIMS Council of Delegates and World Congress of Sports Medicine without the right to vote.
  3. to pay no dues to FIMS.


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