Member Awards

FIMS has a track record of honouring members who have made significant contributions in the field of Sports Medicine and Sports Science. There are a number of FIMS award categories, including:

FIMS Gold Medal

A FIMS Gold Medal may be awarded to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership which has resulted in advancement in Sports Medicine of international dimension and importance. Nominations for an award will be referred to the Awards Committee. Following review of credentials and discussion of the rationale for the nomination, the Awards Committee will make its recommendation to the FIMS Executive Committee which, by official action, will approve the Gold Medal. The FIMS Awards Committee shall consist of five members of the FIMS Executive Committee, one member of which will be a Vice President and four will be elected members of the Executive Committee. The Vice-President will serve as the chairperson.

Recipients of the FIMS Gold Medal

  • Professor Giuseppe La Cava (Italy) 1976
  • Professor Jiri Kral (Czechoslovakia) 1980
  • Professor John Williams (United Kingdom) 1980
  • Professor Alojzij (Yugoslavia) 1980
  • Professor Ludwig Prokop (Austria) 1982
  • Professor Per-Olof Astrand (Sweden) 1982
  • Professor Ernest Strauzenberg (Germany) 1986
  • Professor Wildor Hollmann (Germany) 1990
  • Professor Antonio Venerando (Italy) 1990
  • Prince Alexandre De Merode (Belgium) 1992
  • Professor Albert Dirix (Belgium) 1992
  • Professor Ludovit Komadel (Czechoslovakia) 1992
  • Professor Ali Bouzayen (Tunisia) 1998
  • Professor Francisque Commandre (France) 1998
  • Professor Robert Frenkl (Hungary) 1998
  • Professor Per Renstrom (Sweden) 1999
  • Professor Juan Jose Gonzalez Iturri (Spain) 1999
  • Professor Qu Mian-Yu (China) 2000
  • Professor Kurt Tittel (Germany) 2002
  • Professor Eduardo De Rose (Brazil) 2004
  • Professor Kai-Ming Chang (Hong Kong) 2008
  • Dr. John Wesseling (The Netherlands) 2012

FIMS Citation of Honour

The FIMS Citation of Honour may be awarded to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to Sports Medicine in one or more of the following categories:

  • Research in Sports Medicine and Sports Science
  • Scholarly activity and publication in Sports Medicine and Sports Science
  • Medical care of athletes
  • Regional and/ or national leadership
  • Outstanding service to FIMS

Nominations for the Citation of Honour will be forwarded by the respective National Association of Sports Medicine to the Council of Delegates who will decide on the approval of the nomination and granting of the award.

Recipients of the FIMS Citation Award

  • Professor Ion Dragan (Romania) 1993
  • Professor Qu Mian-Yu (China) 1994
  • Professor Panagiotis Kontoulakos (Greece) 1994
  • Professor Richard Felten (Germany) 1998
  • Professor Michel Rieu (France) 1998

FIMS Bronze Medal

The FIMS Bronze Medal has been awarded to a number of individuals who have contributed to the work of FIMS in the past.

Recipients of the FIMS Bronze Medal

  • Professor Eduardo De Rose (Brazil) 1978
  • Professor Reinhart Stucker (Austria) 1982
  • Professor Yoshia Kuroda (Japan) 1985
  • Professor Anthony Parker (Australia) 1986
  • Professor Kevin Hobbs (Australia) 1986
  • Professor Sjung Hermans (The Netherlands) 1990
  • Professor Wim Mosterd (The Netherlands) 1990
  • Doctor John Wesseling (The Netherlands) 1990  

Prince Alexandre de Merode Medal

During the opening session of the FIMS New Millennium Celebration Congress in 2000 in Paris, FIMS President Eduardo De Rose presented the “Prince Alexandre de Merode Medal” to distinguish physicians who at that time had played an important role or delivered outstanding services in the fight against doping in the sport.

The first medal was presented to the Prince himself.

Receivers of this medal:

  • Prince Alexandre de Merode - Belgium - 2000 Paris
  • Patrick Schamasch (IOC) - France - 2000 Paris
  • Gabriel Dollé (IAAF Doping Officer) - 2000 Paris
  • Alain Garnier (Council of Europe) - France - 2000 Paris
  • Fabio Pigozzi - Italy - 2001 Rome
  • Ludwig Prokop - Austria - 2002 Vienna
  • Eduardo De Rose - Brazil - 2003 Hasselt
  • Giorgio Santilli - Italy - 2004 Rome



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