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Interesting Links for Medical Staff on International Sports Federations’ Websites

Dear Colleagues

The FIMS Interfederal Commission reviewed 90 websites of International Sports Federations listed on Sportaccord in order to identify valuable content for other ISF colleagues with the objective to inspire them, provide them with input and information on useful tools and material, and enable them to draw from the experience of others in order not to duplicate or re-event the wheel when resources are already scarce.

Please find below links to the website of International Federations offering medical content of interest to other sports as well:

AIBA - International Boxing Federation

The Medical Commission of AIBA publishes an extensive manual addressing all medical matters in boxing from disqualifying conditions to pre-participation and pre-competition examination, responsibilities of the ringside physician, medical organization at competitions to boxing injuries and their management as well as hygiene rules.

This manual surely offers valid information to other sports as well, be it with regard to concept and structure or with regard to medical information.

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FIFA- Fédération Internationale de Football Association

On the official FIFA website is information for players on injury prevention (“11+”), nutrition, common injuries and first aid, FIFA Medical Centres of Excellence, Football for Health and an online anti-doping education programme. Booklets, regulations and teaching material is available for download.

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There is an extranet for medical staff requiring registration but providing comprehensive information on football medicine and football emergency medicine, research, conferences, courses and all publications freely available for download.

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FINA- Fédération Internationale de Natation

On the FINA Sports Medicine website, the terms of reference of the Sports Medicine Committee and the FINA medical rules can be found  as well as information on their congress organised every four years.

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FIS- Fédération Internationale de Ski

On the official FIS website there is a link to medical. Under this section there is the FIS Medical Guide which is excellent and includes a variety of interesting chapters: event organiser medical support guidelines; roles and responsibility of phyisicians travelling with the teams, with many practical advices; accident management.

There are also publications on different topics, form prehospital treatment to competition and cold, return to competition post-concussion or other injuries.

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FIVB- Fédération Internationale de Volleyball

The medical section on the FIVB website offers information on injury prevention, medical assessments and environmental factors for players, referees and medical staff as well as an extensive anti-doping section.

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IAAF- International Association of Athletics Federations

The IAAF medical websites offers their extensive manual for download by chapter, information on nutrition, injuries, position papers on relevant topics and competition information as related to medical matters.

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ILS- International Life Saving Federation

The ILS website contains a wealth of medical and safety-related information.

The ILS mission is to enhance the safety and preservation of human life in the aquatic environment and it does this by several means, including the facilitating of the exchange of information on research and best practice.

Particularly interesting and valuable are the medical position statements.

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IRB - International Rugby Board

The Medical Commission of IRB has a dedicated website: addressing several medical matters in rugby: concussion, hygiene, heat, injury surveillance, and prevention, medical facilities and other matters.

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ITF- International Tennis Federation

A wealth of information on injuries and their prevention, nutrition, specific player groups, eating disorders, environmental factors and medical care at competitions. Further information on the benefits of exercise for lay people and numerous excellent information sheets for athletes.

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UIAA- International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation

The UIAA website contains medical information of use for the team physician and federations, e.g. on high altitude matters, travel medicine, hygiene, nutrition and water disinfection.

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