ÖISM – Österreichisches Institut für Sportmedizin Austrian Institute of Sports Medicine - Wien - Austria

ÖISM – Österreichisches Institut für Sportmedizin Austrian Institute of Sports Medicine - Wien - Austria

Contact: Prof. Jürgen Scharhag MD
City: Wien
Country: Austria
Continent: EUROPE

Austrian Institute of Sports Medicine - Österreichisches Institut für Sportmedizin (ÖISM)

FIMS Collaborative Centre of Sports Medicine
Olympic Center of the Austrian Olympic Committee

The Austrian Institute of Sports Medicine is an international recognized Sports Medicine Centre for both clinical services for athletes at all levels of sport and special research in different fields of Sports Medicine. We provide a science transfer from theory to practice that enables sustainable performance enhancement based on maintaining and increasing athlete health.

We offer a wide range of outpatient clinical services like Pre-Participation Examination, performance diagnosis, training scheduling, training therapy (return to play) and regeneration programmes. Our staff are highly trained experts in Sports Medicine, Clinical Medicine and Sport Science. We cater for world class athletes, patients with chronic diseases and professionals who work under special environmental conditions, for example in space.

In addition, through epidemiologic research and application of new methodologies in the fields of diagnosis, treatment and training therapy, we contribute to decision making in health politics, to prevention and rehabilitation.

To continuously develop and optimise our research, special diagnostic procedures for different Sports Federations as well as our training and training therapy, we have cooperations with the Centre of Sports Science of the University of Vienna and a network of consultants and departments at the Medical University Clinic and Main Hospitals in Vienna and, in addition, with many Universities on an international level.


Prof. Norbert Bachl, Director of the Austrian Institute of Sports Medicine, says: "Being a Professor of Exercise Physiology at the University Vienna, Institute for Sports Science, since 1991, for 12 years the President of EFSMA, for 18 years member of the FIMS Executive Committee, FIMS Vice President and now FIMS General Secretary, I am aware of the importance of international networks to enhance both the clinical service for athletes to maintain their health and the research in all areas of Sport and Exercise Medicine."


Österreichisches Institut für Sportmedizin

Auf der Schmelz 6

1150 Wien


Director: Prof. Nobert Bachl, FFIMS, RCPI, RCSI

email: office@sportmedizin.or.at

Wolfgang Reith email: info@sportmedizin.or.at


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