Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine (SISSM) - Belgrade - Serbia

Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine (SISSM) - Belgrade - Serbia

Contact: Dr. Tamara Gavrilovic, MD
City: Belgrade
Country: Serbia
Continent: EUROPE

Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine - Zavod za sport i medicinu sporta Republike Srbije

The Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine looks back on a decade-long tradition. Today, it is a modern facility with latest equipment, in which highly qualified professional staff monitor the latest technical and scientific achievements in the field of Sports, Physical Activity, Sports Medicine, Physiology, Sports Psychology and many other disciplines, with the aim of providing the best quality services to its users and at the same time doing research in these fields.

The high-quality diagnostic technology, continuous education of employees, building partnerships with other leading scientific and professional institutions in the country, region and beyond, as well as continuous monitoring and implementation of the latest trends in above-mentioned areas, are what the Institute is especially proud of. Our activities are directly reflected in the results of our athletes.

In Serbia, professional sport has a special place and has become an inseparable part of the national culture, which is best evidenced by the serious attitude towards sports and, on the other hand, by shiny medals that are the result of such an attitude.

Since its foundation, our Institute has been the backbone of the development of sport and sports medicine in Serbia, with an important, some may even say a leading role in the region. Our work over the years has even been recognized in the new Law on Sports, in which we were given the status of the National Training Center, which is a great honour for us, but also an even greater responsibility.

The complex of the Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine is situated amidst the beautiful forest in the heart of Košutnjak in Belgrade. The entire complex is spread over nearly 43 hectares, and all facilities and courts of the Institute are located within this area.

The administrative building hosts the Department of Sports Medicine and the Department for Professional Development and Research Work in Sports, Department for Economic and Financial Affairs, Information and Documentation Department and Library (INDOK Department). The complex of the Institute also contains the building of the Sports Hall, the Athletic Stadium, the Trim Trail, the Hotel “Trim” as well as the entire complex of outdoor swimming pools.

For young and promising athletes, the Institute has further at its disposal the Sports Camp Karataš, which is located in Kladovo. The complex covers an area of 16 hectares and has all the necessary sports facilities.

At the Institute, the following services are offered:

1) Periodic tests, i.e. monitoring of anthropological characteristics of children, youth and adults

2) Control of the level of training of prospective and current top athletes and expert advice to these athletes and sports professionals

3) Organization and realization of continuous training and final preparations of current top and prospective athletes

4) Maintaining comprehensive records in the area of sports that are critical for Serbia as a sports nation (collecting and processing of data related to athletes, clubs, associations, facilities etc.) and periodical publishing of cumulative data from these records

5) Professional education and advance training of sports professionals and experts in the area of sport and sports medicine in cooperation with the institute of higher education

6) Monitoring the professional work in the field of sport, through renowned sports experts (professional sport supervisors)

7) Evaluation of health prior to participation in physical activity

8) Improvement of health and functional abilities of prospective and current top athletes

9) Organizational and professional assistance to organizations that realize programmes achieving general interest in the area of sport and organizers of major sports competitions

10) Advising in the planning, construction and reconstruction of sports facilities in public ownership and monitoring the use of their capacities

11) Advertising, publishing, scientific research development and library activity in the area of sport and sports medicine

12) Participating in preparation of the Strategy of the Ministry of Youth and Sport

13) Giving opinion and professional assistance to stakeholders in the system of sports in issues significant for the development of sport

14) International cooperation in the area of sport and sports medicine

15) Improvement of the development of sport among children and youth

16) Monitoring the planning of construction and use of capacities of sports facilities

17) Identification and development of sports talents, in cooperation with national sports associations

Because of the previous results and successes, our wish for work, learning and collaboration is ever growing. Though the list of our associates is long, we are open and looking forward to new collaborations in the field of sport and sports medicine.

Direktor_jpg.jpgThe Director of the Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine, Goran Bojovic, Msc, states: "The Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine is a unique center in the region that integrates sport and sports medicine within one institution. For many years, we have developed a multidisciplinary professional and educational system that today operates to the highest standards.

Also, we have been improving infrastructure and simultaneously working on the modernization of the Institute and constant training of our personnel. Today, we offer variety of services to all levels of athletes, people practicing sport as a recreation and to the general public. We are also proud to say that since its foundation, the Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine has special focus on its research and the activities of top athletes.

The database of our work and continuous research that has grown during the years is a repository of valuable information for creating policies dealing with the highest achievements in professional sport and proper development of children.

In favour of the quality of our work speaks and official support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Serbia. I also want to emphasize that we are open for any kind of cooperation – professional, educational or research, no matter where you come from."

Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine

11030 Belgrade, Serbia

 72 Kneza Viseslava Street

 Phone No: +381 11 3555 460

 Fax No:     +381 11 3555 461


Contact persons:

Tamara Gavrilovic, MD

Assistant Director for Sports Medicine

Office: +381 (11) 3555 288


Sanja Mirković, MD

Sport Medicine Resident

Office: +381 (11) 3555 288




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