Sport Med FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence

Sport Med FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence

Contact: Francisco Arroyo, MD
City: Zapopan, Jalisco
Country: Mexico
Continent: AMERICA

Sport Med Guadalajara

Sport Med has been working since 1998 in the sports medical arena with athletes or teams, either in the evaluation for sports or in surgical treatment as required. This is a 10-bed ambulatory patient clinic and a leader in sports medicine in the West of Mexico, having surgical, clinical and sports performance evaluation all around the year, from professional to amateur and youth athletes.

The clinic is divided in different areas working together:     

Sports Traumatology - we have Ortho and Trauma professional medical doctors with a high level of training to offer medical care in Sports Traumatology. but also coverage of sports events attending to sports medical emergencies on week days and week ends.

The Physical Therapy department includes a swimming pool with full equipment. Their Rehabilitation expertise is widely recognized for helping to get back to sports and  daily activity from recreational and professional athletes to not physically active patients with chronic disease.

Hospital. This  fully equipped medical facility includes 2 operating rooms, three recovery rooms and 10 hospitalization rooms equipped with air condition, HD TV and internet access.

We carry out sport evaluation in the facility and on the field with pre-participation screening test, evaluation of  sports injuries to develop prevention programmes for particular cases. Our specialist are orthopaedic, physical therapist, neurology, cardiology, psychology, nutritionist and Sport Medicine. The Nutrition Department include a sports nutritionist for special population(diabetes,hypertensive patients, etc.) and also an sport phsycologist  working with top athletes for training in the mental aspects of competition but also with patients in the physical therapy area to keep their adherence to the therapy programmes.

The Hand and wrist surgery unit is a very specialized area that works with state-of-the-art equipment and it is focused on hand and wrist pathologies.

The academic courses and anthropometric workshop have been running for more than 7 years and we offer them in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey in partnership with regional and national Universities in each region.

Our mission is to deliver the best support and medical care for our patients through excellent service, modern technology and qualified medical and technical personnel.

02.jpgDirector Francisco Arroyo says: "Throughout my university and professional career I have been associated with sport. Many of the positions I have had in the past either as President of the Hispanoamerican Association of Football Medicine, Member of Latin American Council of Science Sports for 15 years ( GSSI ), etc. until today as Medical Officer of Doping (DOC ) and medical instructor football medicine in FIFA - all of them have given me the experience to know that a medical system moves through its members and the International associations related to this system, because this is where it is held the latest in programmes for prevention, evaluation systems and the latest treatment for athletes."

Your contact at the Sport Med FIMS Collaboratiing Centre of Sports Medicine in Guadalajara is

Francisco Arroyo MD.                                                                                                            

Medical Director

Ave. Patria 1401

Col villa universitaria zapopan jalisco

Mexico 45110                                                                                                    


12th EFSMA Congress of Sports Medicine

The 12th EFSMA Congress of Sports Medicine will be held in Budapest, Hungary, from 20th to 23rd April 2022, organized by the Hungarian Society for Sports Medicine. The Hungarian Society for Sports Medicine is highly committed to host the forthcoming flagship event of EFSMA, the 12th EFSMA Congress of Sports Medicine in 2022 in Budapest. The theme of the Conference "Multidisciplinary approach - Innovation for health and performance" creates an excellent opportunity to participate for all Representatives from a broad range of fields related to Sports Medicine and Science. The experts of internal medicine, exercise physiology, cardiology, orthopaedics and traumatology or rehabilitation are invited to share the advances in the area. The Conference will be opened for physical therapists, nutritionists, psychologists and other relevant stakeholders of the sports sector. Budapest, the "Pearl of Danube", serves as the city of around 1,000 international congresses yearly. The vibrant cultural life, historical attractions, thermal baths, good food and wines, friendly people and genuine hospitality had made Budapest the sixth most popular city in Europe.

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