Team Physician Manual (2nd Edition) 2006

Team Physician Manual (2nd Edition) 2006

Ed. by: KM Chan, Lyle Micheli, Angela Smith, Christer Rolf, Norbert Bachl, Walter Frontera, Talia Alenabi

Price: USD$35


FIMS emphasizes very much the concept of continuous professional development (CPD). Over the years, FIMS has initiated the Team Physician Development Course (TPDC) which has been well-received in different parts of the world.

The FIMS Team Physician Manual was first published in 2001 and served as the official textbook for FIMS TPDC; the first edition has been most successful as the resource book of the courses. In June 2006, FIMS has published the 2nd Edition of Team Physician Manual and the book was just released during the 29th FIMS World Congress of Sports Medicine in Beijing.

In the second edition, there has been extensive review and updating of the previous chapters and new sections and chapters have also been added on to enrich the content. Its content has been reviewed both by the first team of authors who are all sports medicine doctors with respective expertise, and was also edited by the independent panel. Our goal is essentially same as that of the first edition: to prepare physicians of any specialty and to fulfill the basic field-side medical needs of athletes. The main objective is to update the information and also inject the new critiques to make the chapters more informative and appealing.

The text has been divided into three sections:

  1. Sports Medicine for the Team Physician
  2. Musculo-skeletal Sports Injuries
  3. Other Sports Injuries and Management

Some new chapters such as “Environmental problems”, “Taping and Strapping”, “Muscle Injuries”, “Thorax, Abdomen and Genital Injuries” and “The Psychology of Sports Injuries” are also added, as we learnt from participants of TPDC and TPAC over these years that these areas are very much in tune with the current curriculum of Team Physician training. We believe that the manual can also be used by qualified teachers to instruct student physicians.

FIMS Team Physician Manual (2nd Edition) is not only the key reference of the courses but also a valuable asset for your continuous professional development.