Guadalajara, 24th September 2022

On 24th September in Guadalajara (MEX), the FIMS Council of Delegates took place with the election of the new Executive Committee for the 2022-2026 term on the occasion of the XXXVII FIMS World Congress of Sports Medicine.

The President, Prof. Fabio Pigozzi, Italian, Professor of Internal Medicine at the University "Foro Italico" of Rome, was unanimously re-elected as well as Prof. José Kawazoe Lazzoli, Brazilian, as Secretary General. The Vice Presidents elected are: Dr. Norbert Bachl, Austria; Prof. Yung Shu Hang Patrick, Hong Kong; Prof. Maher Zahar, Tunisia; Dr. Rafael Augusto Robles Cabrera, Guatemala. Dr. André Debruyne, Belgium, has been elected as Treasurer.

The new Elected Members are: Dr. Khaled Massoud Hassan Hussein, Egypt; Prof. Xie Minhao, China; Dr. Ana V. Cintron, Puerto Rico; Prof. William Roberts, U.S.A. ; Prof. Klaus-Michael Braumann, Germany; Prof. Anca Ionescu, Romania; Prof. Pedro Manonelles Marqueta, Spain; Dr. Andrew Jowett, Australia.

Prof. Eduardo Enrique De Rose (Brazil) continues to be part of Executive Committee as Honorary President for life.

The Council of Delegates elected Dubai as Host City for the XXXVIII FIMS World Congress of Sports Medicine in 2024 and Santiago de Chile as Host City for the XXXVIX FIMS World Congress of Sports Medicine in 2026.

During the first Executive Committee meeting have been appointed the Commissions Chairpersons who are now part of the new Executive Committee. They are: Prof. Yannis Pitsiladis, United Kingdom, Scientific Commission; Prof. Dimitri Constantinou, South Africa, Education Commission; Dr. Christian Schneider, Germany, Interfederal Commission and Prof. Maurizio Casasco, Italy, Development Commission.

The XXXVII FIMS World Congress of Sports Medicine, in which have been involved 127 Speakers (86% International), has been attended by 1058 (43% Internationas) participants coming from 42 Countries.