FIMS – ACSM Collaboration Planning Meeting in Washington DC, USA


A meeting between FIMS and ACSM held on  4 May 2018 to consolidate the outcome of a previous meeting that took place in Indianapolis on the 7 July 2017 and develop new synergies between FIMS/ACSM.

The FIMS – ACSM GLOBAL COLLABORATION PROPOSAL: FIMS and ACSM will develop an innovative and high impact collaboration to significantly accelerate and advance the fields of sports medicine and exercise science on a world-wide basis. Provide on going resources and practical training and tools for the sports medicine and exercise science professionals and institutions in the 193 countries recognized by the United Nations. This reflects an intentional strategy for improving knowledge, enhancing sports and patient health and healthcare and overall societal development and progress. This collaboration is envisaged to integrate multiple dimensions such as team physician development, improvements in healthcare for the general population, and other designed improvements.

Fabio Pigozzi, Yannis Pitsiladis, Jim Whitehead, Walt Thompson, Bill Roberts and Angela Smith took part to the Meeting.