FIMS Collaborating Centres of Sports Medicine explore collaborative research areas


It is the mission of the Centres to facilitate regional educational, developmental and research networks. At their second meeting, the Centre Directors decided to focus on research during the coming year.

“Our strength lies in multicentre studies where we take advantage of the large volume of athletes examined at your institutions”, said Prof. Yannis Pitsiladis, Director of the FIMS Reference Centre for Anti-Doping Research. “This is exactly what research in sports medicine is lacking today to be able to make significant steps forward. We have a unique chance to create a much needed evidence base in selected areas.”

In the individual presentations of the 13 Directors who attended, several areas of common interest crystallised. Next to athlete care at all levels, pre-participation screening and active lifestyle programmes for the community featured prominently.

“Particularly in the pre-participation screening of athletes we could make a considerable contribution”, stated Prof. Norbert Bachl, FIMS Secretary General, who chaired the meeting. “There are a myriad of different questionnaires and approaches out there which does not help our cause. By developing a standardised approach to screening based on our shared experience, we have an opportunity to promote best practice sport medicine principles for athlete care.” Some of the centres in the network screen 10,000 - 15,000 athletes per year, and even more individuals who want to take up exercise.

The FIMS President, who opened and closed the meeting, once more underlined the importance of the CCSM network for FIMS’ objectives in education, development and research. The coming months will be dedicated to defining common areas of research interest where collaborative studies can be developed to address pressing questions in sports medicine.