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Scientific Commission of FIMS

There was intense activity by the Scientific Commission of FIMS during the past two years. We thank our Chair Professor Yannis Pitsiladis for his leadership. Here are some of the published papers

Sport and Exercise Genomics: the FIMS 2019 Consensus Statement Update. British Journal of Sports Medicine. 2020 Mar 22


Recommendations for return to sport during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic | BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine


Infographic. Clinical recommendations for return to play during the COVID-19 pandemic | British Journal of Sports Medicine


Collateral health issues derived from the Covid-19 pandemic


Response to the United Nations Human Rights Council’s report on race and gender discrimination in sport, areas of concern, and need to prioritise research. Dec 2020


Sports and exercise medicine in Europe and the advances in the last decade. May 2021


Integrating Transwomen and Female athletes’ differences of sex development (DSD) into elite competition: the FIMS 2020 consensus statement’ July 2021


Protecting Olympic participants from COVID-19: the trialled and tested process. July 2021


Preparticipation medical evaluation for elite athletes: EFSMA recommendations on standardised preparticipation evaluation form in European countries  BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine


The Hamburg Declaration for Global Alliance for the Promotion of Physical Activity

April the 21st was a Historical day for physical Activity. FIMS signed the Hamburg Declaration for Global Alliance for Promotion of Physical Activity along with more 50 organisations from around the world

Please find the declaration:


Prof Dr Ugur Erdener, Chair of the Medical and Scientific Commission of the IOC, attended and spoke at the launch and the signing of the Hamburg Declaration.


The IOC World Conference on Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sport

FIMS participated with a Symposium made up of members of the FIMS Scientific Commission as follows
Title: Health Impact of Life-Long Participation in Olympic Sport   
Chair: Yannis Pitsiladis   
Speaker 1: Prof Dr Jeroen Swart; Too much of good thing? The cardiovascular profile of older habitual high volume training endurance athletes   
Speaker 2: Prof Dr James Bilzon; Title: The Benefits and Consequences of a Life in Competitive Sport: A Musculoskeletal Perspective.   
Speaker 3: Prof Dr Michiko Dohi; Title: The Tokyo Olympic 1964 Study   
Speaker 4: Prof Dr Victoriya Badtieva; Title: The legacy of the Olympic Games and major competition events 


The FIMS Symposium entitled Health Impact of Life-Long Participation in Olympic Sport.

Aspetar Young Investigator Winner's Presentations and Awards

Every two years, the International Federation of Sports Medicine holds the World Congress of Sports Medicine. Part of this conference is the FIMS Young Investigator Awards sponsored by the world leading specialized orthopaedic and sports medicine hospital, ASPETAR (Qatar). These awards, that were presented to three young researchers for the best poster and first- and second-best oral presentations, aim to encourage and support young scientists, and reward outstanding dissemination of their work to an international audience.

This year, the first-place award for an oral presentation was awarded to Melanie Knopp, who also works as a manager in concept testing at Adidas with a focus on running performance research. Melanie presented her work “Understanding and enhancing elite running performance – Kenyathlon: A multidisciplinary approach”, that examined running economy variability of different so-called ‘super shoe’ conditions and how the performance of both elite and amateur athletes revealed large inter-subject variability also confirmed in previously published literature.

We wish to congratulation the finalists:
Melanie Knopp  - GERMANY
Achlatis Vlassios - GREECE
Marotta Nicola – ITALY
Maria Kotopoulea-Nikolaidi – UK
Metaxiotis Dimitrios - GREECE
Al Attar Wesam Saleh - SAUDI ARABIA

And the award winners…..
1st prize - Melanie Knopp  - GERMANY
2nd prize - Maria Kotopoulea- Nikolaidi – UK
3rd prize( 1st Poster presentation) Metaxiotis Dimitrios – GREECE

Congratulations to everyone who submitted their research.

We wish to thank sincerely ASPETAR for sponsoring the Awards.


The President of FIMS, Professor Fabio Pigozzi pictured with the winner of the 1st prize (Aspetar Young Investigator Award) Melanie Knopp (Germany)

FIMS Collaboration Centres

The FIMS Collaborating Centres of Sports Medicine (FIMS-CCSM) will facilitate national and international educational, developmental and research networks to promote innovative scientific projects, best practice sports medicine principles for athlete care and for active living over the lifespan on an interdisciplinary and collaborating basis.

Becoming a FIMS-CCSM means, to have an international acknowledgement in the „World of Sports Medicine", as FIMS is networking with IOC, WADA, IPC, ASOIF, AWOIF, Sport Accord, GAIFS and others

To apply to be a FIMS Collaborating Centre of Sports Medicine 


FIMS President Professor Fabio Pigozzi and WOA President Joël Bouzou OLY pictured following the signing of the MOU.

Long term health of Olympians is prioritised by WOA and FIMS. Olympians to benefit as organisations sign four year memorandum of understanding

We are proud to announce the initiative from International Federation of Sports Medicine and World Olympians Association to prioritise and look at the long term health of the Olympians!

At 6th of  December in Lausanne, Switzerland, the World Olympians Association (WOA) and the International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS) agreed to work together on projects that benefit the long-term health of Olympians and that engage Olympians to promote healthy and active lifestyles in their communities. FIMS’ world leading sports medical and research network will help build on WOA’s existing work on Olympians health including its global WOA.

Please find the link below

IOC Framework on Fairness, Inclusion and On-discrimination on the basis of Gender Identify and Sex Variations

On November the 16th IOC published the above framework which understandably caused a debate.
To help inform the debate on Gender issues in sport please read the information below. This is a position of many Scientists who dedicate their lives to looking after the health of athletes! All the athletes
'Integrating Transwomen and Female Athletes with Differences of Sex Development (DSD) into Elite Competition: The FIMS 2021 Consensus Statement ‘
or more evidence to help you understand the debate of Gender issues in Sport please read our
‘Response to the United Nations Human Rights Council’s Report on Race and Gender Discrimination in Sport: An Expression of Concern and a Call to Prioritise Research’

FIMS members also attended the Sport resolution Online discussion in association Winston and Strawn discussions on Transgender athlete rights with David Grevemberg (Chief Innovation and Partnerships Officer at the Centre for Sport and Human Rights), Dr Emma Hilton (a developmental biologist at the University of Manchester), Dr Nicola Williams (a research scientist specialising in human biology and spokeswoman for Fair Play For Women), and Joanna Harper (a visiting fellow for transgender athletic performance at Loughborough University) discussing  recent developments in the field including the IOC's new guidelines, and they provided their  views on how, and on what basis, transgender athletes can fulfil their sporting ambitions. What was clear from this debate is that there is more confusion on the best way forward. FIMS is currently working on a Joint Position Statement of the International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS) and European Federation of Sports Medicine Associations (EFSMA) on the IOC Framework in the hope that there can be further discussion and consultation with all stakeholders leading to a balanced framework that protects the rights of all athletes and gives International Federations the tools they need to ensure inclusion and fairness.

Watch this space FIMS Scientific teams working on more projects to keep you informed and updated

Forthcoming Events


37th FIMS World Conference -21 - 23 September 2022
Guadalajara, Mexico


BASEM Annual Conference - 26 - 27 May 2022
Brighton, England

Becoming a FIMS individual member through a block subscription by your FIMS National Association membership

Did you know you can also obtain FIMS individual membership status if you are an existing member of any FIMS National Association provided your National Association has made use of the block membership option of FIMS. The application process for FIMS Individual Membership status has been granted to all National Association members, where such a National Association has decided to subscribe all its members or a large subgroup of its members. This "National Association Membership" is offered at a very low cost per member per annum to such an association.
If you are not sure whether your National Association has made use of this option for you, please contact the Secretary or President of your National Association directly to enquire.
If your National Associations wishes to enquire about this option, the President or Secretary of your National Association should contact the FIMS Treasurer Dr José Kawazoe.
Email administration@fims.org to receive the necessary application forms and further details.

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