FIMS Executive Committee and Standing Commission meetings, 29 September 2016, Ljubljana

commision3.jpgThe day of the Opening Ceremony for the 34th FIMS World Congress of Sports Medicine saw meetings of all FIMS Standing Commissions prior to the Executive Committee meeting. The Development Commission developed communication with congress participants to increase engagement of members. commision6.jpgThey further discussed on the limitation of using English only for worldwide communication in the field as this excludes considerable parts of the Sports Medicine and FIMS Family. The Education Commission reviewed the FIMS course programme in its entirety and suggested new sports-specific courses in fieldside care. 


The Scientific Commission reported on a successful ICSEMIS meeting in Brazil with regard to the FIMS contributions. They identified a need to review and update FIMS Position Statements and to intensify collaboration with the different FIMS Collaborating Centres. The Interfederal Commission shared results of the Pre-Participation Examination survey among International Sports Federations conducted earlier this year which will also be distributed and published on FIMS website. 

commision1.jpgThey further had to acknowledge a deadlock in the dicussions with the World Medical Association with regard to licensing issues of travelling team physicians and therefore intend to seek collaboration with the IOC on the matter.

The FIMS Executive Committee heard reports on the current status of registrations and organisation of the World Congress. The achievement of the Turkish and the Slovenian Sports Medicine Associations in organising the short-term move of the location from Turkey to Slovenia was again underlined and duly acknowledged. Activities of the FIMS President Prof. Fabio Pigozzi, the Secretary General Prof. Norbert Bachl and the FIMS Treasurer Dr Andre Kawazoe Lazzoli were reported as well as those within the different continental organisations by their Presidents. WADA Medical Director Dr Alan Vernec provided a summary of the events surroundinganti-doping and medical matters and underlined the importance of the physicians' point of view in the current discussions particularly around Therapeutic Use Exemptions. The IOC representative on the FIMS Executive Committee, Prof. Lars Engebretsen, acknowledged the value of FIMS as a partner and invited much closer collaboration with FIMS particularly in the field of education.