Memorandum of Understanding between FIMS and the Cyprus Sport Organization (KOA)

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between FIMS, represented by FIMS President Prof. Fabio Pigozzi, and the Cyprus Sport Organization (KOA), represented by its President Dr. Clea Hadjistephanou-Papaellina, who is also a member of the FIMS Education Commission.


KOA is a semi-governmental organisation acting as the Supreme Sports Authority in the Republic of Cyprus. The main objectives of the organisation are: Development of sport activities; Coordination of the sport culture in Cyprus; Promotion of the Olympic ideal; Support of Cyprus athletes on the international sport scene.

KOA closely cooperates with the Cyprus Association of Sports Medicine. KOA maintains its own Centre of Sports Research (KAEK). The purpose of KAEK is the scientific monitoring of Cypriot athletes, especially those at high competitive level, and the development of scientific research. KOA and FIMS enter into the MoU for the purpose of advancing both parties’ opportunities, acknowledging the potential for bilateral benefits.

The MoU comprises the promotion of the discipline of Sports Medicine, with a stress on post-graduate education including courses, conferences and symposia and joint research initiatives in areas of common interest such as sports and performance science and anti-doping.

During the ceremony, which was organized in the FIMS Headquarters at the Maison du Sport in Lausanne, the KOA President stated: “We consider this MoU as a very important step in our efforts and journey to upgrade the provision of professional medical services to the sport community and athletes in Cyprus. I want to take this opportunity and express mypersonal gratitude and the strong appreciation by the Board of Directors of the Cyprus Sport Organisation for engaging with us under this framework for mutual benefit. We are all very excited to cooperate with FIMS and look forward to working with you and your teams for a successful and effective implementation of the provisions of this Mou.” Dr Hadjistephanou-Papaellina also expressed the interest to develop a FIMS Collaborating Centre of Sports Medicine in Cyprus.