Message from the FIMS President

Lausanne, 9 June 2014

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to communicate the latest news from the International Federation of Sports Medicine before the FIMS World Congress which will be held in Quebec City on 18-21 June 2014.

First of all, we have now completed the realization of the FIMS Collaborating Centres of Sports Medicine project, planned by the Executive Committee since its election, and 17 Centres have been already accredited worldwide functioning as local ambassadors of FIMS´ vision and mission and help to achieve our shared objectives in all parts of the world, focused to the protection of the athlete’s health, facilitating regional and national educational and research networks, promoting best practice sport medicine principles for athlete care, and an active life style by a broader public internationally. The representatives of the Collaborating Centres will meet during the World Congress for the first FIMS-CCSM meeting.

Major advances have also been made with regard to our collaboration with major stakeholders in sports medicine such as the International Olympic Committee, the International Paralympic Committee, the World Antidoping Agency and the International Federations. Furthermore, in 2014 FIMS has been approved by the SportAccord General Assembly as an Associate Member of SportAccord.

My activities as FIMS President, besides the representative, political and educational functions, are still largely directed at consolidating and increasing our budget by attracting sponsors to FIMS. Our headquarters at the Maison du Sport in Lausanne, is currently operating based on a provisional interim solution, but we have already planned in the second semester 2014 to install permanent presence there.

Our biannual World Congress is a remarkable occasion to share latest scientific results in research, new advances in technologies and best practice of sports medicine, renewing our common vision of health maintenance and enhancement in and through exercise, of prevention and therapy of disease, of injury prevention, treatment and return to sport.

I would like to thank the Canadian Academy of Sports Medicine and its President Dr. Pierre Frémont, for the efforts and dedication they put in organizing such an important event. We are looking forward to an excellent and stimulating scientific program, interesting discussions and seminars in our fields of interest, to enhance professional and social relations, and to the hospitality of the country of Canada with its historical and cultural heritage.

Prof. Fabio Pigozzi, MD
FIMS President