Transforaminal Epidural and Sacroiliac Joint

 Fluoroscopic Injection Course

for MSK, SEM and trainee Pain Physicians


 In association with BIMM

Thursday November 17th 2016

VENUE: Blackberry Clinic, Milton Keynes


This course will provide practical instruction for MSK, SEM and trainee pain Physicians to enable them to expand their practice to encompass fluoroscopically guided spinal injections. Delegates are required to be proficient in peripheral injections before attending this course.  The use of injection phantoms as an alternative to cadavers makes this course unique in the UK. These models provide anatomically realistic and fluoroscopically correct details and are currently used in the USA at various centres of excellence such as Harvard School of Medicine and the Johns Hopkins Teaching Centre.

The course provides a good grounding in anatomy, needle skills and practical considerations.  Procedures covered include transforaminal epidural injections, sacroiliac joint and ligament injections.

In addition, all delegates are offered the opportunity to spend a day at the Blackberry Clinic observing the procedures they have been taught.

Testimonials from previous delegates

 ‘Fantastic course. Perfect mix of lectures and clinical workshops. Great way to learn principles for fluoroscopic injections.’

 Dr Amit Pannu (Medical Officer Blackburn Rovers Football Club)

‘Stimulating and enjoyable in a positive learning environment.’

Dr Greig Nicol (MSK physician)




Programme:  Transforaminals and Sacroiliac Joint Injections

Registration with tea, coffee and breakfast.


Welcome and housekeeping.


Transforaminal epidurals: Why, where and how? Anatomy of the lumbar spine. landmarks,

radiolology and pathology. An overview of practical process and techniques including consent, radiation, C-arm use and after care.



S1 Transforaminal epidural injection:  Instruction on patient positioning, needle placement,

C-arm views, injectates and radiation safety, practical anatomy revision.






Tea and Coffee.


Injection Skills Lab 1: S1 Transforaminal epidural injection. Hands on workshop for specifics of S1 transforaminal injection and practice.



Lumbar Transforaminals L2-L5:  Patient positioning, needle placement, C-arm views,

 injectates and radiation safety. How to perform an L4 transforaminal injection.





Injection skills lab 2: Lumbar Transforaminal epidural injection L2-L5:

 Patient positioning, needle placement, C-arm views, needles and injectates.


Sacroiliac Joint injections. Diagnosis, treatment options, injectates, proof, needle placement and treatment protocols.




Skills Lab 3: Sacroiliac joint injection techniques. Patient positioning and views for sacroiliac joint and posterior ligament injection, needle placement, C-arm views and injectates.