New Executive in COPAMEDE

August  12, 2011
20 Edgehill Heights, St. Thomas, BARBADOS

Dear colleagues:

The XXIV Pan American Congress of Sports Medicine was held in Guadalajara city, Mexico from July 28-30th 2011.

The Ordinary General Assembly and Council of Delegates of COPAMEDE was held on July 29th  2011 and the new  Executive Committee elected for the period 2011 – 2015 are as follows:

President: Dr. Italo Monetti (Uruguay)
Vice President: Dr. José Kawazoe (Brazil)
Secretary General: Dr. Adrian Lorde (Barbados)
Tesorero: Dr. Juan Carlos Vargas (El Salvador)
Past President: Dr. Milton Pinedo (Dominican Republic)

Representative Group 1: Dr. Tyrone Flores (Ecuador)
Representative Group 2: Dr. Eva Villata (Honduras)
Representative Group 3: Dr. Hans Larsen (Haiti)
Representative Group 4: Dr.  Marcos A. Ojeda (Mexico)

Scientific: Dr. Tyrone Flores (Ecuador)
Education: Dr. William Duke (Dominican Republic)

We request your cooperation by proposing candidates to participate in the Scientific and Education Commissions, by submitting nominations to the Secretary-General by August 30th, 2011 at doclorde@caribsurf.com.