Request for information on travelling team physicians

Lausanne, 03 January 2013

Dear Colleagues

Physicians and physiotherapists travelling with their teams to events abroad are exposed to largely varying working conditions ranging from strict regulations requiring temporary licensing and detailed import declaration of medications and equipment, to loopholes in a country´s professional and customs' laws regarding this specific situation. For the individual colleague, it can be a considerable challenge to find out about the exact regulations in her or his country of destination, particularly for smaller events where assistance from an influential local organizing committee is lacking. This often leads to situations where the implications for the professional status of these colleagues and their liability abroad are largely unclear.

With the help of other FIMS Commission members and colleagues worldwide, the Interfederal Commission members have started to investigate the different regulations and laws applying to the physicians of visiting sports teams in different countries. The overview which we would like to introduce to you here currently contains 21 countries.

We would like to request members to please submit regulations in their home country to expand the coverage of this overview (please send to: interfederal-chair@fims.org).

This is meant as a first step in arriving at a proposal for a solution to this problem globally.

Download the international regulations regarding temporary medical practice, medication import and prescription practice.

With sincere thanks,
FIMS Interfederal Commission