Development Commission

The aims of the Development Commission are:

to deal with, and to suggest recommendations to the Executive Committee on matters related to communication, promotional activities, memberships and marketing activities of FIMS.

In conjunction with the Secretary General, the Development Commission will:

  1. facilitate and enhance cooperation with other International Organizations related to sports medicine as defined by the Executive Committee;
  2. assist in the maintenance of effective communication with national bodies, individual members, and associated organizations through acquisition and collection of materials for FIMS publications;
  3. enlarge contacts with international organizations and institutions of non-medical professions related to the field of sports medicine; d) update strategic plan for FIMS.

In conjunction with the Treasurer, the Development Commission will:

  1. raise the level of awareness and promote the benefits of individual membership of FIMS.
  2. develop strategies for the maintenance and monitoring of effective membership services.
  3. assist the Executive Committee in the implementation of procedures associated with the granting of Individual and Associate Membership.
  4. operate in close cooperation with the Continental Presidents in setting-up support programs for new members.
  5. expand the business activities of FIMS by generating revenues for the use of the FIMS image and expertise through negotiating contracts with sponsors and suppliers.
  6. perform all other FIMS marketing and promotion activity, developing partners, and marketing of the FIMS website.

Chair of the Development Commission:

Maurizio Casasco (ITA)
c/o CDS S.r.l. 
Via Aldo Moro,12 
25124 Brescia Italy 
Tel: +39-335-6391777 (n.1) 
Tel: +39 328.4147009 (n.2) 
Fax: +39-030-2476135 


  1. Prof. Metin Ergun (Turkey)
  2. Dr. Daniel Arkader Kopiler (Brazil)
  3. Prof. Clea Papaellina (Cyprus)
  4. Dr. Hashel Al Tunaiji (UAE)


  • Dr. Daniel Zarrillo (Uruguay)
  • Dr. Joo Han Oh (Korea)




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