Interfederal Commission

The aims of the Interfederal Commission are:

  1. To study, from a medical point of view, practical problems related to sports activity submitted by the Executive Committee.
  2. To promote and propose scientific research in cooperation with the FIMS Commission concerned regarding the medical aspects of sports activity in a form that can be suitably understood by officers, physicians, paramedic staff, coaches and athletes.
  3. To organize meetings of physicians linked to International Sports Federations and National Olympic Committees for the exchange of information on Sports Medicine.

Chair of the Interfederal Commission:

Dr Christian Schneider (GER)
Office: FIFA Medical Centre of Exellence, Harlachinger Straße 51, 81547 München, Germany
Tel: +49 89 6211-4060
Fax: +49 89 6211-4062


1. Prof. Petra Zupet (Slovenia)

2. Prof. Xavier Bigard (France)

3. Dr. Antonio Fiore (Italy)

4. Dr. Zhan Hui (China)


• Dr. Gary Mak (Hong Kong)

• Prof. Peter Baumgartl (Austria) 


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