International regulations on temporary medical licensing

In 2012, the Interfederal Commission (IFC) started to investigate the issue of international regulations applying to travelling team physicians, particularly the requirements for temporary licensing when caring for their own sporting team and importation of medication to foreign countries.

As there is no common database from where one could obtain information, IFC members started investigating the regulations in their own home countries and countries of residence. These were completed with information provided by FIMS Executive Committee and other FIMS Commission members, in the end resulting in an overview of 24 countries worldwide.

Even with this limited number of countries, it became clear that practice varies widely. Further, it became apparent that it is a very arduous task to establish the regulations in a country. Often, it already proves challenging the correct body qualified and authorised to provide the relevant information.

The summary (download here in pdf format) of 24 countries internationally (status 2012) shows the need for action on this matter.

General: Information on international recognition of medical degrees can be obtained from International Medical Education Directory published by the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research's (FAIMER) at:


FIMS E-Circular - Spring 2022

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